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Musical portraits, poems, letters in song, questions of herself, a promise of love, tenderness, rage, and exploration -- this is the music of Pinkie Promise. You can expect one hell of a story embedded in each composition, told through the adventurous harmony and sincere lyrics written by singer, Kaitlin Pelkey. Pinkie Promise will make you feel things, it wants to walk with you, and it wants you to wonder.

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"These Hands"

Performed at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn

Here is Pinkie Promise performing "These Hands", a song off of their upcoming record, "Dearest", at Pete's Candy Store.

Click watch video to view the performance! 


Pinkie Promise is the musical idea-child of singer and composer, Kaitlin Pelkey. The songs of Pinkie Promise are brought to life sometimes simply through her voice and guitar alone and other times, when she can dream a little, through a small folkestra of players including saxophone, viola, clarinet, upright bass, ukulele, and percussion.

Pinkie Promise is eager to share the record they've been working on with drummer and producer Stoov Xia . Their upcoming album "Dearest" is a series of musical letters, some addressed to individuals, some addressed to big concepts (see: Capitalism). They look forward to releasing "Dearest" in the Spring of 2018.


Brooklyn, New York


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